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Midmark PC-Based ECG 12-Lead 

The IQecg is a portable device that converts a supported Microsoft Windows-based personal computer (PC), be it desktop, laptop, notebook or pen-based, to an electrocardiograph with interpretive capabilities. The device is electronically isolated from the PC and connects to it directly through the USB port or serial port.

Together with IQmanager diagnostic workstation software, the IQecg makes it easy to record 12-lead ECG, interpret them, archive the reports for future reference and share them with colleagues via networks or email. As simple to use as a traditional office ECG device, it features fully integrated PC technology and a host of advanced diagnostic features.

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    Booth Medical - Midmark IQecg Interpretive Digital PC Based ECG - 4-000-0061 Booth Medical - Midmark IQecg Interpretive PC Based ECG - 4-000-0061

    Midmark IQecg Interpretive Digital PC ECG W/Lead - 4-000-0062

    9118彩票官方下载苹果Midmark IQecg Digital ECG With Lead Management The IQecg makes your job easier with a range of reviewing and editing tools to help increase productivity and efficiency. At the touch of a button, you can capture an abnormal ECG as it appears on screen,...

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